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How do I set my e-mail signature?
Last Updated a year ago

To build your e-mail signature, you can use a tool on our website for your email signature.

  1. Go to E-Mail Signature Builder - ESU2
  2. Populate the data.image
    1. Select your department
    2. Please type your Full Name with correct capitalization
    3. Input your Job Title - this should match whats on the website. If there is an error on the website with your Job Title, please submit a ticket to have that information corrected.
    4. Include your email address - this should also match the information on the website (we use this to search for your staff photo). If there is an error, please submit a ticket to the information corrected.
    5. Please provide a Phone number. You can use either the ESU2 number, Indy's Phone number, your Zoom Phone number, or your cell phone number.
    6. You may optionally provide a zoom link in your signature as well.
  3. At the top, there are 2 buttons - "USE ESU2 LOGO" and "GUESS STAFF PHOTO?". Clicking on them will set the photo for your signature. Please select the appropriate one. If you do not have a staff photo, please use the ESU2 logo for now.
  4. Finally, select "COPY AS SELECT" to copy your signature in your clipboard.

To set your e-mail signature the the template you just followed, please use the following instructions

  1. Go to your email in the browser:
  2. In the top right, select the "Settings" Gear Icon
  3. At the bottom of that pane, go to "View all Outlook settings"
  4. Select "Compose and reply" from the second column of setting menus:
  5. Either create a new signature, or overwrite your existing one. You can Paste your signature using either "Cmd+V" on MacOS or "Ctrl+V" on Windows. Be sure to select your signature in the "For New Messages" and "For Replies/Forwards" settings.
  6. Select "Save" when you are finished making your changes.

That's it! Hope you enjoy your new email signature!

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